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Digital File (ads) Mechanical Specifications & Submission Guidelines 

Contact Person: This person oversees the electronic delivery of advertising materials and the handling of digital files from the Sales Representatives:
Phone: 609-624-8900 ext. 260

Public FTP Guidelines
Click Here
(How to send large digital files)
Mechanical Specifications

Full Page Weekly Retail = 6 Columns x 15 Inches

Full Page Summer Papers = 6 Columns x 13 Inches (SandPaper & Free Time)
Column Size
Column Picas Inches
1 9.5 1.583
2 20 3.33
3 30 5
4 41 6.833
5 51.5 8.5
6 62 10.333

 Ad Size

  Ad Picas Inches
  Full Page 62 x 92 10.333 x 15
  Double Truck   21 5/8 x 15
  Full Page (Summer Papers*) 62 x 78 10.333 x 13
  Half Page Horizontal 62 x 44 10.333 x 7.33
  Half Page Vertical 30 x 93 5 x 15
  Submission Guidelines


There is a preflight run on all client submitted (camera ready) digital files. If there is an error the Sales Representative will request a new corrected digital ad file from the client. If we are close to deadline or we cannot reach the client, we will attempt to correct the ad error. We cannot guarantee fonts or colors if we make the corrections.

  SNAP Specifications click here (Specifications for Newspaper Production)

  General Ad Design Guidelines:
    Color space: All color must be composed of either CMYK and/or Grayscale, No RGB. RGB will require color conversation to CMYK which can introduce unwanted color shifts. Supply your sales rep with your Pantone PMS spot color numbers.

Image resolution: All image should be save as high resolution 200-300 DPI at 100%.  Bitmap/monotone images (black and white only with no levels of gray, at 1200 DPI).  Lower resolution images may reproduce unexpectedly with lower quality.

Color builds: Simple color yields the brightest and most vibrant tones, complex color builds can present registration difficulties and unexpected color reproduction.

White text: White text on a 2 or more color background should be set at 12 pt. or greater.

Colored text: Text colors with 2 or more colors should be set at 12 pt. or greater.

Ink Density: Total ink density (sum of all 4 colors in a particular area) should not exceed 240% to avoid unwanted offset or tracking off press.

Rich Black/Process Black: Black must be composed of pure black (K) or a percentage of black (K) vs. a combination of varying percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.  Rich Black presents registration challenges on press and potentially unexpected reproduction.


  Applications we accept:

Adobe Acrobat PDF, all versions
Adobe Illustrator PC, all versions (Please convert fonts to line art)
Adobe Photoshop " EPS, TIFF or JPEG, all versions
We do not accept MS Publisher Files, please create a EPS or PDF from your Publisher File.
MS Word Documents, all versions

  Media we accept for digital file transfers:
  • CD (PC and Mac)
  • 3.5 diskette (PC)
  • Thumb Drives (USB)
    All fonts must be embedded in your PDF.
  Transmission Options:
    E-mail your ad file as a attachment to your Sales Representative or use our Public FTP
if f
ile is over 10 megs
    Please refer to the Pantone PMS spot color numbers, for spot colors.
  Maximum file size:
    Please call your Sales Representative for e-mail ad attachments over 10 MB.
Please compress all e-mailed attachments if larger than 10 MB using Expander, Zip or StuffIt or
use our Public FTP.
  Confirm e-mail receipt of electronic transmission:
    Please request an electronic receipt from your Sales Representative.
    If necessary, for proofing and font matching please send a fax of your digital ad file to your Sales Representative.
The Gazette Sales Office Fax: 609-624-3470
The Current Sales Office Fax: 609-383-0056
56 56 56


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